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Class 2 Home

“Parents Happy Ever After”

Parents in this Busy World had to run both for themselves and their children well living which often allows them less time to spend on their children’s educational activities. So, to overcome this problem, we provide software solution giving them tension free environment.

Dear Parents, we bridge this gap with an App that allows you to access your child’s performances via your Smartphone. It delivers important day to day information and organizes updates in your app.

  • It is fast to set up and simple to use. Simply download the app and install.
  • Login with your ID. you can access your child’s information.
  • Mobile App Available on all platforms such as IPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phones.

We even provide live class facilities. GPS tracking provides the current status to the parents about their child while moving to home.

This is an online portal giving you an Individual Notifications and SMS Alerts

Academics at Fast Track

Class 2 Home provides facility to manage Students, HR, Faculties, Academics Details and Information. See your Details and Information you need on a fast track, in a smart way. View all your academic activities and performance at the glance in the mobile app. We can access up to student’s account information. Class 2 Home is very flexible and customizable to fulfill all kind of needs for every Institution.

Be like an Administrator

Class 2 home makes every users like an Administrator. Logging with your ID enables you to access Details and Information in best way. Access your data in current form from anywhere. Full role-based functionality, integrated messaging, notification tools, access on recent updates are some of the features. The Enrollment process also generates unique ID so that no two students with same name make any confusions.

Child in Your Palm

Working Parents need not ask any permission in their office or business places for visiting school to know their child’s academics and performance as you have them in your palm. Parents can also see their child’s current status through Live Class with school permission. While moving to home GPS will track to provide them with SMS Alerts about their child’s boarding and de-boarding the school.

Instant Communication

Be Alert on most urgent notifications, reminders and approval requests in one place to engage and update users whether they are on or off campus. Leverage the power of mobile solutions to send Automatic and Updated Notifications to Students/Parents and Teachers which strengthens the relationship to engage the community with push messages to deliver useful information to the targeted groups.