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Features & Benefits



  • Reliable and secure
  • Fast decision making for management
  • Better planning of the budget
  • Low Cost of Ownership and Paper less transactions
  • Streamline, Easeful Control and Communication


  • User friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Easy to monitor individual modules.
  • Automated and Quick report generation
  • Centralized data repository for trouble-free data access
  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data


  • Zero redundancy to manage the institution records.
  • Best possible Resource optimization
  • Effective communication between school and home.
  • Complete Automation of all operations.
  • Monitor Student and Staff Performances.


  • Automated Student Attendance with SMS Alerts
  • Automated Timetable Generation
  • Automated Question generation and Question Bank maintenance.
  • Computerized Management of Marks and Grades
  • Manage Syllabus information and analytical reports


  • Real time update of child's activities within campus
  • Get connected to the School Effectively and Easily
  • Prior Information on school events and holidays.
  • Frequent interaction with Teachers
  • Current and periodic report on child’s attendance and progress.


  • Interaction with Teachers, Parents and Peers
  • Easily track Daily Attendance
  • Prior Information on school events and holidays.
  • Access to Examination Schedule and Report Cards
  • Get Information on Daily Homework and Circulars

Key Features

Free Live Updates

Providing free live updates on the advanced Educational Institutional Requirements. So Institution can have their process more Systematic and Efficient way.

Flexible Functionality and Deployment

Our portals are simple yet robust for end as well as power users. A scalable, standards based platform means you can start small and rollout new features and functionality, as you are ready.

Personalized & Role Based Login

Each and everyone in the institution will get role based to access to this portal so as to ensure security. It gives you an amazing ability to access, control and decide in real time.

Daily Backup

Daily Backup Service helps to reduce data redundancy and disaster recovery processes. Data can be easily backup with the export functionality. A great functionality for the next generation Educational Institutes.

Integration Services

Supports integration with different types of software and hardware solutions like Biometric/RFID/CCTVs/GPS etc. In every integration we ensure data privacy and security with third party vendors.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide support worldwide to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our prime goal. . Time varies with each and every country. So, we provide our customer support round the clock.


Mobile Apps

Mobile Application will be provided on your institute’s name. So one can search and access to mobile application by institution name. Our mobile application is supported on all mobile platforms.

SMS Management

We can manage our number of SMS, delivery report in this system. We have global tie-up to provide quality services to our client.

Multi Campus

In some managements single server is connected with multi campus to manage at a single point through our service which can be accessed worldwide easily. All the campus reports are updated to the management. Management can analyze every process.

Dashing Dashboard

Day to day activities, data, and reports along with graphical representations are updated within seconds, which enable your skills on fast decision making.

Enquiry Management

All student and parent interactions through the system are tracked faster and details are maintained for easy follow up through SMS.

Admission Management

An Effective feature of Emskool enables the process of Admission easy, faster and paperless. Admissions are also can be followed through SMS.

Student Management

A complete record of the student can be managed. The student’s records can be maintained and secured over the years for real-time access by institutions.

HR Management

HR Management can be made easily with our integrated module. The complete record of the Employees with special reference is maintained by using this functionality.

Attendance Management

Tracking the attendance of the students/staff is a difficult task and can be done with Emskool module. SMS Alert for parents of those students who are absent can be sent, so that verification about their absence can be made.

Fees & Billing

In this automated module it will calculate and manage Term/Additional/Balance Fees and Concessions efficiently and details of your past, future and current fee receipts are generated.

Finance Management

The financial management helps the institution to manage all the financial activities with different payment methodology. The income and expenditure are easily calculated. All the financial transactions can be tracked.

Payroll Management

The payroll can be easily managed there by simplifying their salary disbursal. As far as flexibility is concerned, the salary structure can be pre-defined using this function.

Fees Challan

An Automated Fees Challan is generated as per Fee Structure of the Student. Challan always generate Student, Bank and School Copy. Payment will be paid in Terms through Challan.

Bank Management

Transfer salaries/reimbursements directly from your Standard Chartered current account to your employees comfortably from office using Web Bank. Banking made easy!

Online Fees Payment

It allows to make payment of your fees in your currency giving you transparency and a clear understanding of the cost of course fee. It is a secure and quick way to make the payment promptly.

Inventory Management

Inventory or stock refers to the goods and materials for the ultimate purpose of resale (or repair). Inventory management is integrated to maintain percentage of stocked goods.

Question Bank

A Question bank is a planned library of test items designed to fulfill certain predetermined purposes. Questions under various subjects, topics are collectively stored in this module.

Question Paper

Question Paper take control of question preparation for conducting daily, weekly and monthly test also saves the valuable time of teachers. Questions are generated with question bank data within few seconds

Exam Management

This System has a web-based centralized user interface system used for managing examination objects and this is able to handle large amount of data with proper back up disaster recovery.

Exam Hall Allocation

Exam Hall Seating Arrangement is employed to reduce the manual work of hall allocation for every student during examination. Our system aims at simplify human work and to obtain an optimized seating arrangement.

CCE Grade Pattern

CCE refers to a system that covers all aspects of student’s development. Grades are given instead of marks which will be evaluated through a series of curricular and co-curricular evaluations along with academics.

Time Table Management

Manages data involving in sync with class & subject information, individual class and teacher time table can be generated. Changing time table slots between faculties in a flexible manner.

Syllabus Management

Our syllabus Management turns the tedious task simple. Syllabus Tracker is a seamless integration of Time Table and syllabus Management which helps in managing and tracking the entire Academic Year’s Lesson Plans.

Performance Management

We can get analyzed report about staffs and students. We can get lot of comparative charts to analyze student and staff performance properly. Minimal amount of special feeds are also allowed depending on client requirements.

Class Management

Class management helps us to create, manage, generate time table and to analyze class wise performance as per our requirements dynamically. And analyzed reports can be compared with school average as well.

Subject Management

A Subject Management System is a collection of tools providing an online environment for course interactions. An area for faculty to post of class materials such as course syllabus and handouts.


Analytics is a complete, responsive web dashboard which enables to take a mountain-top view of school data at a glance. It is designed for school leaders, promoting staff and administrators to get pictorial activity of their school.

Staff Performance

We can get analyzed report about our teaching staffs without any special feeding, because teaching staff’s direct output is student’s performance and report.

Student Performance

The marks and grades can be easily feed to get many comparative charts, which is very useful in comparing a particular student with class average, their previous performance and tracking them continuously.

Custom Import

Our school back bone will support you to get any kind of customized reports on your requirement in any formats like Excel, Word, Etc., whichever required.

Interview Management

Interview management serves as time saver where we can manage and schedule the interviews and even offer letter can be provided with a single click.

Resume Bank

Resume bank stores resumes in server to access it anywhere anytime through any device. It helps to maintain documents in a dust free, digital and ecofriendly mode where we can save trees and small amount of money as well.

Staff Offer Letter

From the resume bank, we can get supporting documents and interview schedule to appoint and generate offer letter for the staff in a single click.

News Management

News management gives school news such as circulars, home works and upcoming events in a most possible way to mobile users through SMS as well as online users by logging in App or websites.


The Calendar Module allows you to organize the activities of the entire school. All school events, special days, extracurricular activities planned etc., are shown in a report for reminder.


The gallery is used to store the precious moments on school occasions. Unlimited space to create albums and to upload the photos. Staffs/Parents and Students can download and share online.

Homework Management

Emskool gives an intelligent method for assigning subject wise homework with real time update to parents. Even absentees students can receive home work. Parents will get transparency on class activities of their child.


Faculties can easily create assignments and provide necessary documents for reference. A single assignment composed can be sent to all students which is the best option ever in educational industry.


Circular Module is a well-developed module and is fully integrated with Emskool Software. Urgent circulars can be easily handled by this module.

Transport Management

Transport management manages the number of vehicles, routes, stages and data of students travelling in a particular route by a vehicle. It also holds the data of vendors, drivers and helpers for quick reference.

Library Management

Library management module manages lakhs of books incoming and outgoing in library and tracks every reader’s library activity to secure every books from missing.

Hostel Management

Hostel management manages hostel room allocation and fees management to support the management for further smoothness in all levels.

Bonafide Certificate

A Bonafide Certificate is issued as a proof that an individual belongs to the particular education institute or a particular organization. This certificate can be printed with a single click dynamically.

Leave Form

A leave application form will be displayed where the students can apply for leave online. It includes - Type of leave, number of days, start and end date of the leave, which calculates the student attendance report easily.

Transfer Certificate

Transfer certificates are designed for the institutions as per our government norms. Once admission has been done you are ready to print your “TC” at any time with single click. In middle of the educational year you can get discontinued "TC" as well.

Stationery Management

It is exactly how we are utilizing the inventory management in malls and grocery shop. In same way we can manage and maintain our stationery items in our institutions easily.

Document Management

Documents can be uploaded and stored in digital mode. It is more useful time saving methodology in all aspects. Document management contains student’s certificates, staffs resume and experience certificates everything.

Event Management

Event management manages tasks such as meetings, fundraising and parties. Emskool ensures that school staffs are well aware of upcoming events to improve better coordination among various groups and departments.

User Management

User management allows you to assign approval to access data for users like staffs, principal and administrators. Groups are assigned to allow authorized persons to access data of their respective departments.

Teacher Login

Teachers are given an individual login ID through which they can update their entire activities like portion coverage, marks and homework. Teachers also get notifications, circulars sent by management and principal.

Student/Patent Login

Parents/students will be given individual ID through which they get updates of all their school activities, timetable, attendance, circulars, homework and reports in graphical form along with class performance.

Vehicle GPS Tracking

Systematic performance analysis of vehicles can be obtained with our GPS enhanced feature. Parents can access the information about their child’s vehicle and will receive SMS as a confirmation of pickup and drop. This function helps to secure vehicle from theft get alerts on harsh driving and breakdowns, etc.

Tally Integration

Tally Integration module enables to integrate any business applications with Tally easily and quickly. Tally integration can track all income and expense of the institution by Integrating with 3rd party accounting systems. The simplicity of Tally has been extended in this software which requires minimum training for existing Tally Users.

Biometric/RFID Integration

Biometric Technology used for attendance can be integrated with this software. So, institutions with biometric technology need not enter attendance separately. Also institutions with biometric technology can upgrade to smart card or bar coded card which is supported by our software.


Feedback of the students about the subject, teaching and learning environment can be obtained through questionnaires and group discussions. The collective data are processed through our software to generate statistical and analytical report helping the concerned authorities to improve institutional standards.


Remarks provides parents the essential information on their child’s progress in school. It indicates how their child is performing in different areas. These remarks elaborate the student’s strengths and offer ways for parents to monitor their child to improve their academic work and moral behavior.

Live Class

Live Class module makes it possible for teachers to launch free Virtual Classroom sessions and can also schedule live-online sessions. The scheduled sessions get listed in ‘Blocks’ on calendar from where the students can easily join their virtual classroom sessions.

Online Library

Online Library System is a package to be used in Libraries to improve the efficiency of Librarians and Users. Online Library reduces the use of files (papers) and also makes the task of the Librarian easier. The most important abstract of this automated system is that it can be customized that suits their needs.

Visitor Info

Visitor management holds the information of visitors coming to an institution. By collecting the data of visitors, we can analyze purpose of their visits and reports can be generated. This will help management to assign additional facilities for visitors on their purpose.

Daily Backup

Daily Backup Service helps to reduce data redundancy and disaster recovery processes. Data can be easily backup with the export functionality. A great functionality for the next generation Educational Institutes. The system checks for data backup and a dedicated icon helps you to take backup daily on your convenient time.